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Anxiety Disorder Stereotypes Redefined

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Medford, MA
United States

Before winter break, I was talking with the custodian lady where I worked on campus. She asked me for the dates of the break, because in 2020 university decided to reopen 2 weeks later than usual. Apparently, custodian company outsourced by the university was going to furlough the staff. As a grad student, I was always short of money, so this situation was close to heart. I discussed this finding with the department admin the following week, with no expectations for change. To my surprise, she took the issue up to the department meeting, then university administration and the contractor...more...

I still struggle to be alone at night. My anxiety provokes me to do things to fulfill the emptiness insider.
The isolation has helped me to reimagine myself, my values, wants and needs. I realized I was in a toxic relationship with my husband, whom I left back in my home country. I asked...more...


Spencer, MA
United States

During the pandemic, I joined as a volunteer for Meals On Wheels delivering meals for the elderly. It's really expanded my joy of connecting and being able to help people. The small interactions and smiles (perhaps a sarcastic remark or two haha) make my day, and I truly hope I make even a small bit of their day bright as well. Everyone deserves to eat. Treating people with kindness is the most important thing we can do, especially while in a pandemic where so many are struggling.

Recently, I've learned to look for and appreciate the moments I'm content instead of reaching for the invisible bar I've set for measuring happiness. So much has happened to affect my mental health but if I can feel at peace in a moment -content- I'm proud of myself. The sun...more...


Worcester, MA
United States

I coordinated virtual Easter brunch for my family - which included teaching my 90-year-old grandmother how to use Zoom!

Face masks are really hard to wear with glasses. Also, I always smile at people in the grocery store, which you can't do with a mask on. A stranger and I perfected the what's up head nod yesterday. We take for granted how much facial expressions mean in the world.


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I was the crazy cat lady in the neighborhood. Had spare kittens? I took them and vaccinated them and spayed them. Had annoying strays? I took them in and socialized them until they were ready for adoption. Those that were feral and weren't able to be adopted, I fed and watered and took to the vet as needed.
Why are you participating?: 

I thought this was a really neat way to say behind the labels we are all just people doing the best we can for ourselves and our fellow beings on this Earth. I'm a radical, and part of the radicalness I aim to achieve are radical acts of kindness that go beyond what a person expects.


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