AJ Leto

Board of Directors

For over forty years, AJ Leto has been a champion for the underserved, under-represented and struggling persons everywhere he goes. Beginning with his own sister and father in the Special Olympics and continuing on to the present day. “Labels like Special, Sick or Struggling are words that I get excited to hear, because I know that the individuals will teach me great lessons,” says AJ.

The No Evil Project implanted itself into AJ’s heart when he first heard the concept at another community organizations executive meeting, in 2011. To him, it is the catalyst tool that is bonding individuals as villagers, team and family. From steerage to captain’s table, we will do great things with those who we identify with, personally.

As a motivational speaker, life coach and consultant, AJ extends his Human Resources leadership, expansive national network, ethical acumen, servant leader style to the world-changing mission of the No Evil Project. He works closely with teens in leadership training, individuals seeking personal satisfaction through personal development and career change and small to large corporations improving the lives of their team members.

When he’s not inspiring and demonstrating to others the adaptive magic of peacefully and lovingly leading others into rewarding living, he can be found singing with the Salisbury Singers or one of many churches throughout Central Massachusetts. In wedding season, you may find him officiating the nuptials of your loved ones.