Special Programs

In addition to the main photo activities we do at festivals, organizations, schools, and companies, here are some of the special things we've done or are working on now:

Pass the Feather: 2023-2024

A collaboration with Native Heritage New England and Pakachoag Center with traveling exhibits featuring Indigenous and First Nations People, programming to teach non-Native people about the true history and culture of current day Native Americans, and culminating in hosting a pow wow at our headquarters at Pakachoag Center in Auburn, MA.

Voices of Survivors - Healing from Domestic Violence Through Art: 2022

Domestic violence carries a stigma that hinders reporting and support. Along with Guardians of Traditions, Monano, the Worcester Cultural Coalition, and the YWCA of Central Massachusetts, we created an exhibit containing not only a No Evil Project piece featuring people affected by domestic violence, but a wide range of art by local artists affected by domestic violence or who's work addresses the topic.

Breathe No Evil: 2020-2021

When COVID-19 hit, we couldn't get large groups of people together to touch their faces anymore, so we teamed up with the City of Salem and Fitchburg Art Museum to encourage people to cover their mouths, and show how people in the communities were coming together to help during the pandemic.

Close Your Eyes / Cierren los ojos: 2019

Our first theater production, written and performed by Uni2ACT, the College of the Holy Cross’s bilingual theater troupe. It addressed topics of sexual assault and harassment, racism, and LGBTQIA+ awareness based on events on campus and around the world.

TEDx: 2016

Despite one of his labels being "Introvert", our founder, Troy B. Thompson spoke at the North High School TEDx event about "Labels, Stereotypes and the Three Wise Monkeys" discussing the origins and philosophy of the project.