This project is beautiful. Everyone is on this search on a different mission but all need the same basic needs like love and understanding. This project shows us that we can relate to anyone if we just look past the surface. Mariana
Labels given to me by others create a sense of "I know you" for them but does not represent who I am or even give a pixel of a full picture of me. Allow me to tell you who I am, what I label myself as and mainly why I'm using the label I chose to use for myself. Paulyn
I have two moms. I deserve to live in a world where that is ok. Kallie
I'm tired of people making erroneous assumptions about others based on stereotypes. It's exhausting having to consciously be aware of the fact that people I don't even know hate or fear me because they believe I'm going to be loud, inappropriate, uneducated and uncouth thanks to the color of my skin. We are all more than we appear to be and there is kindness to be found in everyone, if we only take the time to look. Kellee
There are plenty of good people in the world, and I hope that we can look past our differences and disagreements so that we can be kind to one another. Jacob
We tend to make snap judgements about others. This was probably a useful and necessary instinct in the deep past, but our lizard brains haven't caught up to our current, complex reality. Often, our quick assessment of others does not necessarily provide a complete picture, let alone an accurate one. So why not join in a project designed to make us pause to re-consider? Ava
My friend and colleague participated (photographed as Lily, our primary living statue character) at stART on the Street, and I've been following the project ever since. I wholeheartedly support any creative work that gives people a voice to express who they are and what's important to them. Tara
This is a thought provoking project. Labels are unavoidable. We live with them from day one. A dialog about the labels we are given and and the ones we choose for ourselves is a healthy reminder that we are all imperfectly perfect, lovable human beings. Jill
I choose to engage in projects like the No Evil Project to promote greater understanding among people in the world and to support campaigns that foster respect and understanding between and among human differences. It is our differences that both make us unique AND connected in this world. I want to continue to grow in my understanding of myself and others through open dialogue. As I become more aware of my implicit biases and how they play into my daily interactions with others I aim to be more mindful, welcoming and supportive of my students, friends, family and all fellow human beings. Amanda
To show the world that we CAN live in peace and celebrate our differences. The world is like a tapestry, made up of many different strands of color, texture and design that creates one beautiful image. Brenda
I think its important to realize that while we categorize ourselves every day: by which bathroom we use, by which sports team we cheer for, by what we order at a restaurant, it's not those things that define us but rather the way they fit together in their own unique jig saw puzzle to make each one of us individually interesting and special. Anna
The only time you should look down on anyone is when you're helping them to stand. I believe this organization helps everyone realize there is more to share with the person next to you rather than classify, compare, and divide. Brittany
Participating artistically with peaceful people is another step to a loving world! Tony
I was captivated by the display at our med school. So many different people, and all "b'tselem Elohim", reflections of the Divine image, doing good in the world! Jeremy
I love this project. Too often we think negatively of ourselves and others. This is an amazing way to show humanity a view of itself... Lisa
To be a part of a project that promotes loving and kindness by focusing on the similarities in one another and finding connections versus fearing the differences and creating distance. Alicia
I am participating because I understand the damaging affects of labeling one another has on our community. These labels are devised in order to separate us and keep us from reaching social equity. In my opinion, the purpose of life is to seek happiness, improve the world around you, and in doing so connecting with others. Labeling each other to highlight our differences and demonizing our adversaries not only marginalizes groups and closes our own minds, but is inhumane. I'm not perfect, I'm not always right, but I'm trying. And it's not because of my labels that I am imperfect, it's because I'm only human. Jibrael
This project is so encouraging and is a wonderful reminder that each person has something to offer. Good deeds don't have to be huge and awe-inspiring! Everyday acts of kindness really make a difference. Isabella
I think this project is amazing. It's a visual representation that we are so much more than the labels. If we all come together and start living with the purpose of completing one good deed each day, we'd have much stronger communities. Gabrielle
Everyone should feel worthy and equal, never less than... I know how hard that feeling can be. Emily
Because I want and love the idea of this. I've been bullied and talked down to and I think this is the best thing I've seen so far and it makes me double think myself that I'm better than wut I've been told. Casey
I am a photographer, so I love community projects! I am also so many more things than just 3 labels! This project is so good because often times we define ourselves moment to moment based on our success, failures or by what we want to project to others. It's human nature to identify and label ourselves but we are much more complex than that. I am a walking contradiction at times, I can be a 1000 different things at once. It is a humble reminder to not take ourselves too seriously, to never feel locked into being one thing, to never be defined by your success or failure and most importantly to never judge a book by its cover. Leah
We live in a world where I thought about my own labels for two hours, while I could have picked someone else's labels in two seconds. I am participating to find peace in labels- celebrate, and not fear. Katie
Growing up, I've realized that we live in a world that can be very negative and judgmental. As people get to know others, they begin to realize that labels are superficial and that we each have unique qualities and personalities to bring to this lovely world. This project is a great reflection of my views on society. Tomas
There is an old saying that good has to be very, very good to conquer evil. This is chance for us all to express our goodness! Grace
I am participating because I truly believe in the mission of the No Evil Project. We all have labels but those labels don't make us who we are. What makes us who we are is how we treat each other. Sarah
This is an awesome project. People get to define themselves, not have others define them. It's fun and engaging. It is inspiring to see so many different people who, together, make up the rich fabric of our community. Judy
I try to believe in the good in humanity, though sometimes it isn't easy. I think this project does a great job putting faces to that goodness, and breaking apart preconceived notions of stereotypes. We could all use to be less judgmental, as well as to be judged less. I'm glad to be a part of this. Sarah
We live in a world of stereotypes. Judgemental people. It's time we break down the barriers and show the world we have a voice. Not all tattooed and pierced people are bad people. We are upstanding citizens and we all have heart and soul . James
Being part of a larger project is just an amazing concept and if my photo can help someone achieve a bigger dream, I am in. Matt
This labeling was difficult but enjoyable. What an interesting way to get to know someone. There IS good in everyone! Todd
Everyone deserves to be respected and accepted for who they are. Jayden
In high school labels mean everything, showing off who you are shouldn't be a big deal and people shouldn't have to worry about being judged for their labels. Jenna
Because it's a fun way to be a part of a large group statement. We are all like beautiful beads on a necklace connected by our humanity. Judy
Troy is a cool dude and I like seeing all the people through his looking glass. I think the project is a very interesting look at labels and our uses of them. Like a lot of things, my philosophy is fairly complicated. But, simply, I am just trying to be decent and good to any people that cross my path. I have never been a fan of labels. They get us all mixed up since they carry a lot of connotations. I think labels lead to expectations. Expectations lead to disappointments. Please just love each other. Remy
I am the living 'anti-stereotype' and there are many more like me in this world. I hope others will see me and know that they do not have to live down to negative stereotypes about Blacks, women, or overweight people. Audrey
Because this is a kind and gentle vision that we should get behind. The world can be filled with mean and ugly things. This is NOT one of them. Rosemary
This project is Unconditional Love in action. Rayellen
I am participating because I want too make the world a better place and make a difference! Also to help with the project because its a great project. Amelia
I want to show that Muslims are not evil. We can offer a lot to our neighborhoods and our communities. Much Love :) Kenza
To show that Bikers are good people too. Rick
To show that anyone can be/do good despite any judgments placed on them by other people. Angel
I am participating because I am all for equality and think different cultures can be educational and inspiring. Terese
Because I want to stand up to make everyone equal, eliminate social justice and promote welfare for all. Arianny
Because if I never actually got to know my roommate and instead let my stereotypes continue to be what I thought of her, I never would have met one of my absolute best friends. Maria
Because this is awesome. Juan
To bring together a world and show that what diversifies us truly brings us together. Ashley
It's important to the world. It needs to be a kinder place Paula
We need a world-wide movement towards human connection, love, peace - it starts with you! Pam
I want people to be proud of who they are Nishant