Troy B. Thompson

Creator, Executive Director

I'm a web designer and photographer who enjoys creating things and working with non-profit organizations. I'm a husband and a father raising a little girl. And in my free time I dabble in world peace.

The general philosophy behind the No Evil Project has been part of me for a long time. I find people fascinating, and I've always made a conscious effort to know people who are different than me and have different opinions and personalities, so that I can have a better sense of the world I live in. Even in high school I was a liaison between the different cliques.

Even as a white male, I'm labeled many ways and receive the associated stereotypes, especially when I had long hair and an earring. Now as an adult, I find myself in an interracial marriage with a multiracial daughter. While this isn't too big of a deal where we live, these more controversial aspects of my life have made me even more aware of how labels and stereotypes affect people. Perceptions towards differences continue to improve with each generation, but now I have a personal incentive to help that trend along so that my daughter grows up in an even more aware and respectful world.

Many people have suggested I write a philosophy book, which would be fun, but as a photographer and web designer, the concept of the No Evil Project slowly came together as a more natural first step for me. I think more people are likely to think about taboo topics if it's non-threatening and especially if it's visual. Plus, let's face it, seeing tons of people pose as the three wise monkeys is just plain fun.

I hope you enjoy my creation, participate in it if you can, and at least help me spread the word. It's important to me.