Take Your Own Photos

Can't make it to an event? Not a problem, anyone in the world can submit photos to the project!

The Photos

You don't need to be or know a professional photographer. Just find a friend or a tripod and take some pictures posing as the three wise monkeys. Or if you're really talented and can hold the camera with your feet and hit the shutter with your toes, then be sure to select the "contortionist" label on the submission form.

What to Wear

Dress like you normally would. If you normally wear t-shirts, this isn't a time for a suit since these photos are about how the world sees you. If you want to exaggerate your style for the photos or use applicable props, though, by all means, have fun. Just keep the photos family friendly.

Framing the Shot

 As far as the posing goes, please only have one person per set, and take all the photos portrait / vertically oriented. To have the thee photos look as similar as possible, the subject should be looking straightforward, without tilting the head up or down, and try not to move much between photos.

When you crop the photos afterwards, use a 2:3 ratio with your cropping tool, start a little above the head (cropping off tall hats if necessary), and the first third line should go across the mouth. You can always adjust the bottom to prevent cutting off t-shirt designs if desired.

Quality & Resolution

Please submit the highest quality photos you can. So if it's between a good camera in a well lit room or a ten year old camera phone in a thunderstorm, stay dry.


No matter who you are, people have made opinions about you based on labels and stereotypes associated with them. What labels apply to you? We've provided a list you can choose from, but feel free to suggest more. The catch? You must pick three. Three words that people may use to label you, but that don't define you.

Good Deed

Everyone does good things, big or small - it's not about bragging. Your actions may affect large groups of people, your neighborhood, or just one friend or family member. That doesn't matter here, just let us know, and start redefining your labels.

Approval Process

Once you've submitted a set, we'll take a look and let you know if we have any questions about your entry. After it's approved, it will show up on the site and you can share it with your friends! You can change them at any time, and new photos just need to be re-approved.

Have fun, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Let's Get Started!