Cogswell Brings the Project to the West Coast

Release Date

Our sixth installation is going up at Cogswell College in San Jose, CA! Not only is this the first exhibit on the West Coast, but the first exhibit completely photographed by the venue. We worked with Cogswell to help them organize a photo shoot for their students on their campus. Then after the event we processed the photos and uploaded everything to the system, and then we designed and shipped out banners for their exhibit.

After learning about the No Evil Project through a friend at Dean College, we could not wait to be a part of a visual representation spreading world-wide. Our students are eager to express themselves as frequently as possible. When we did some research behind the simple, powerful, and potent message that the project pursues, we could not wait to help and represent how our differences should unite us and be celebrated.

—Bri Quinn, Academic Advisor

Groups anywhere in the world can be part of the project. I'm happy to travel to do events, but that's not always possible. Know a group that wants to have an exhibit? Let us know!