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Tell Us Your Good Deed

Before winter break, I was talking with the custodian lady where I worked on campus. She asked me for the dates of the break, because in 2020 university decided to reopen 2 weeks later than usual. Apparently, custodian company outsourced by the university was going to furlough the staff. As a grad student, I was always short of money, so this situation was close to heart. I discussed this finding with the department admin the following week, with no expectations for change. To my surprise, she took the issue up to the department meeting, then university administration and the contractor company. As a result, it had been decided to keep all custodian staff on payroll. The department chair told me about it 2 weeks after my talk with the custodian. I teared up because I did not think kindness and genuine care for one another could make challenges in people’s lives. It was truly heartwarming. It was truly heartwarming.

Additional Thoughts

I still struggle to be alone at night. My anxiety provokes me to do things to fulfill the emptiness insider.
The isolation has helped me to reimagine myself, my values, wants and needs. I realized I was in a toxic relationship with my husband, whom I left back in my home country. I asked for a divorce, he called me insane.
I did a nude photoshoot, with the goal to embrace my body and accept its current state.
I still struggle with a binge eating disorder, during day time I do great with food, however at night, the food consumes me into feeling worthless.
I started creating more art; embroidery, painting, collage, videos and photos. As a museum educator, I also think, what I would teach with those objects.