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Educator Stereotypes Redefined

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Leicester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I truly don't have one good deed. My Jesuit education and my upbringing taught me to be active in my community and to try to find ways to positively impact society. I have done my best to be a teacher, wife, and mother who demonstrates the importance of community service and the power that a positive outlook can have on all around you. I have tried to teach my children and my students that hard work and determination pay off and that we should always strive to grow. In doing so, I am hoping that my good deed would be empowering younger generations to go out into the world to make a positive impact.


Medford, MA
United States

Before winter break, I was talking with the custodian lady where I worked on campus. She asked me for the dates of the break, because in 2020 university decided to reopen 2 weeks later than usual. Apparently, custodian company outsourced by the university was going to furlough the staff. As a grad student, I was always short of money, so this situation was close to heart. I discussed this finding with the department admin the following week, with no expectations for change. To my surprise, she took the issue up to the department meeting, then university administration and the contractor...more...

I still struggle to be alone at night. My anxiety provokes me to do things to fulfill the emptiness insider.
The isolation has helped me to reimagine myself, my values, wants and needs. I realized I was in a toxic relationship with my husband, whom I left back in my home country. I asked...more...


Spencer, MA
United States

During this pandemic I, like many people, have struggled with loneliness, anxiety, and burnout. And because of that, I was drawn to the book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski. Wanting to talk about it with someone, I first bought a copy for my best friend from high school who lives in Central New York, and that kickstarted our weekly Saturday phone call. I then recommended it to a friend on a socially distant walk one day. We now keep getting together to vent and complete our stress cycle by walking. I purchased more copies of it and gave...more...

As a high school educator and a mother, I have learned to look at people differently. This pandemic has taught me to. The people we think we are, the people others think we are- we may all be wrong. Just be kind. You never know what people are struggling with.


Worcester, MA
United States

I've spent the last few years teaching (and learning!) creative writing, drama, and ESL with Worcester youth and young artists in the city - it's some of the most fulfilling work I've had the privilege of engaging with, and why I am excited about my future career as an educator.


Salem, MA
United States

Related to this moment, I am both stepping up and stepping back, teaching and learning, fighting and healing.... and asking what more can I/we do tomorrow.


Salem, MA
United States

Sharing what I can with local mutual aid funds for undocumented residents, who aren't eligible for stimulus checks or unemployment assistance. Take care of your friends and neighbors!


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