Troy B. Thompson Photography

Worcester, MA
United States

Portrait, family, and event photography.

I enjoy capturing a moment, from photographing a major event, to a subtle change of expression in a portrait, to the lighting and weather that will never be the same again in nature. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity do all three at once.

For my event photography, I prefer a documentary style, whether it's being hired to photograph a business event, festival, celebration, or your family interacting. I try to capture the mood of the event in photos for people who couldn't attend, as well as those that want to remember that special time, rather than doing a lot of posed shots. I've learned to watch and anticipate great photos so I can capture the moment when it happens.

My nature photography shows a glimpse of my experiences while exploring new places. I prefer photography that is not planned out, but rather spontaneously captures the mood of the location. I'm fortunate to be able to travel to a wide variety of places and enjoy sharing my experiences with others through my work.

Why are you participating in the project?

I feel strongly about people working together no matter their differences. So I've created this project in the hopes that it can make a difference about how people view others and maybe make life a little better and easier for everyone.