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Exeter, NH
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 

My 14yo son and I left rolls of toilet paper on our neighbors’ front steps. When I do have to go out, I thank everyone I see working for their service to our community. I’m donating the money that I’m saving on gas (since I am not driving to the office) to people who are out of work due to the pandemic. Every little bit adds up.

Additional Thoughts: 

A lot of people find labels restricting. I can understand that, however, I have found a great deal of comfort in them. Especially since the world tells me that so many of the things I am cannot coexist: Christian. Bisexual. Intelligent. ADHD. There is a chance that I am also autistic. Knowing that I can be everything that I am all at the same time has not only been liberating, it has enabled me to have greater empathy for others. It has enabled me to advocate for myself and others when I have needed to. I feel that labels are important, But not for the way we’re told they are. They don’t exist for others to box us in. We find them to pull us out of the boxes we’re put in.


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