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Dancer Stereotypes Redefined

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Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Saving lives and bringing smiles. I brought composure and happiness, although for a short while, to my first case in med school who was suffering from cancer and the after-effects of chemotherapy. Sometimes just listening and being empathetic relieves people from their grief and helps them find their inner child again.


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I often pick up other people's trash on my daily walks in the woods. (I also remind others not to idle their cars while waiting for their kids in front of schools... a risky social interaction sometimes!)
Why are you participating?: 

I love the idea!


Berlin, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I convince people that they can dance - it doesn't matter how well, only that they join us on the dance floor.
Why are you participating?: 

I was delighted to see that this project is ongoing - friends had been involved years ago, and the project is a great idea.


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