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Artist Stereotypes Redefined

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Boston, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
When you children seem scared or shy, I remember the shy kid I was before and do my best to feel comfortable, and seen and heard whether that means making goofy faces or sitting with them patiently while the other kids play!


Worcester, MA
United States

I helped a friend, who was suffering from cancer, by bringing him things to counter the side effects of his medications. He was having trouble eating and I brought him so tasty alternatives that didn’t involve much preparation. Glad to say he enjoyed them and he also fully recovered.


Oakham, MA
United States

I organize and encourage socializing with one or a small group WHILE physically distancing. Being safe does not mean solitary confinement. People need to interact and laugh to deal with the stress in their life. I also spend weeks at a time staying with my 96 year old mother several hours from me as I share caretaking with several siblings. As I can not teach painting at senior centers, long term care facilities and children's camps during all this I do paintings of peoples pets and homes to continue using my art abilities and bring joy with art. I continue to offer online instructor...more...

Smiling at strangers, or sharing a laugh with everyone we see in a day can really bring a change to people’s being and mood. I am honored when people have told me “I always feel better after I am with you.” Not being able to share smiles has been the hardest part of mask wearing. I recently...more...


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