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Sterling, MA
United States

While time apart from each other has been important during this pandemic, Covid-19 has made the moments *with* each other more important as well. With that in mind I've been keeping my schedule a little more open: working with what time others have to help them when they really need it.


Putnam, CT
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I am a first generation Filipino-American. As a person with mental illness, I am a reflection of the conditions of the world and I feel for its suffering. My mind is beautiful. I am a human rights activist and editorial illustrator who creates work that is socially, culturally and politically relevant. I am a council member in our town's interfaith council, a council member on our towns arts council, and a member of Amnesty International. I have devoted my life as being a global citizen caring for the rights of others fighting the "isms" that oppress us. As a teacher, I help create a legacy of creative problem solvers, ethical thinkers, and global citizens. As an entrepreneur and designer, I help emerging businesses and small business owners create a path to their dreams.
Why are you participating?: 

I am participating because I feel the project is relevant and needed in the divisive culture. Everyone's story needs to be told.

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