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Organ Donor Stereotypes Redefined

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Leicester, MA
United States

Me and my best friend started a project earlier in the pandemic. It was called ‘a new friend project.’ We made handwritten get well cards and sent them to our local hospitals (that accepted donations) with covid patients. Each card would have a picture on the front and a note inside which always ended ‘from a new friend.’ We also created an Instagram page and a website to encourage others to participate.
We both wanted to do something nice for those who were struggling, and let them know they were being thought about by others. It’s a scary feeling being by yourself in a hospital,...more...

I also wanted to add for anyone who is in need of it, this past year has been rough for many people and I know that it’s been frustrating, but this is just a quick reminder that things will change. All the pieces will fall into place, and there will be a day when this is nothing but a distant...more...


Eagan, MN
United States

I've stayed home pretty much since the virus became a thing, helping to protect my household and others. Regarding essentials, we and a neighbor have checked in before grocery runs, and several times have picked up something for the other. We're all in this together!

As an introvert, I am trying to use this time at home to complete some long-delayed tasks to avoid the feeling of wasting my time. So far, so good!

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