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Nature Lover Stereotypes Redefined

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Berlin, MA
United States

Organized a social-distancing sidewalk chalk art festival for my co-housing neighbors of all ages.

As a member of a co-housing community, I've been fortunate to have beautiful land to enjoy, spaces for gardening and play, fresh eggs from chickens, etc. while sheltering in place, and I walk our outside labyrinth every day. Things I've been doing while sheltering-in-place include:...more...


Salem, MA
United States

Sharing what I can with local mutual aid funds for undocumented residents, who aren't eligible for stimulus checks or unemployment assistance. Take care of your friends and neighbors!


Salem, MA
United States

Doing my best to help artists and art organizations to get what they need to survive in the current challenging time and as well as those to come! Loving my family with my entire being and reminding myself of that fact daily - so we all can keep it together for one another! :-)


Worcester, MA
United States
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I volunteer at local food pantries I Smile at Total Strangers
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This is my little grain of love to the world -- No evil!
" Be A Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud "-Maya Angelou


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